Friday, May 14, 2010

The Tears of Satan

05 14 2010


The Tears of Satan


They’ve got a weapon that can incapacitate you if you try to rob Fort Knox

His wealthy banking family friend told him in 1990

With a wealth of intellect he would never need rob to earn

As strong as Fort Knox, he tried to hold his mind and body taught

And keep concentrating when cysts formed in his neck and muscles

From a weapon he called the Tears of Satan

They armed and pointed it at him when he did roam

They also fixed one at his home

The Tears of Satan streamed at him from what looked the size and shape of a cell phone

The lowest tier of Satan is the complaint department and they are now mobilized

And their favorite prisoner is on the loose and having fun

We know what we must do they said as they grabbed the gun

On their warring belts they mounted fresh charge packs

Never to be allowed alone, they said as they greedily grabbed their empty gold sacks

He saw the particle wave originate from it and stream at him

It contrast through the bright daylight of heavens sun

What looked like hollow tears streaming at him sideways from her gun

She stood there with a cold heartless stare

As the static like drops were flowing at him sideways through the air

Incapacitating and disorientating him, she aimed it at him without a care

The Tears of Satan bled him from the ear, mouth, nose and eyes

Before he stumbled and fell to his death from the swarm of her transparent flies

They couldn’t give him any of their guilt

And now he lay there dead in the silt

She marveled and reasoned Satan would never cry

And said so in the cold as she held his freshly plucked dry eye

And then placed it in her sack with a now larger hoard of gathered hollow fly


God Bless Those Who Think


Thomas Paul Murphy


Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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