Friday, May 14, 2010

The Compost Poem of Thomas Murphy 05 14 2010

The Compost Poem of Thomas Murphy


Garbage dump tapped for gas rather than flared

When does it get clean?

When it breathes the air and sees the sun it is clean again

From what was and is no more

That which has been fermented and processed by the days of time

Covers fervent new life

The green plant growing in the ball joint of an old ladies car

Slippery mud slimy

Straw grasses reeds

Smelly leaves

Become the growing place of seeds

Layers of different rot

Which layers are best?

All the way lower are best!

They must be stirred to know!

The must be stirred uniform to have an equal grow

In nature stirred by wind

At center stirred by fork

Fervent green growth

Grows in mud that was

Good soaks of rain speed it up

I sat down to photograph a snake

The water brought it out of the grass and onto the path

My notepad gets wet and the process starts again

Ideas start on a new wet page

Old pages become compost

The nutrient slips away from it in this way

Fiber is left from the leaching decay

To form an undersoil like woven hay

That supports the new growth that’s on its way


Thomas Paul Murphy


Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

A compost poem a type of poem where there is a form of rebirth or growth that takes place out a formation of "compost".

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