Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dragon of Fate

The Dragon of Fate 03 17 2010

The evil learned when they were young

Slay the dragon not just for fun

Behead the monster in the clearing mist

Receive from the fairest maiden the choicest kiss

One day the hamlet fell full of dread

As a dragon rose from the dead

Immune from stabs and falling arrow

The dragon to their way did harrow

Much to their great surprise

Talons pierced from clearest skies

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Monday, March 15, 2010

Contessa’s Game Over 03 15 2010

Contessa’s Game Over 03 15 2010

She looked at herself in the mirror

Her hair had turned pale white

Her bloated face no longer capable of expression

She went down to the kitchen

Lit herself a pack of Lucky Strikes

Her husband came down

And she started swinging

Contessa’s Game Over

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Thursday, March 11, 2010



Right on by it flows.

Into a bigger reservoir it goes.

Very swift the ice melt passes.

Even faster as daylight masses.

Running smooth into summertime.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

The Sun Reflects on Melting Ice Only Rarely

The Sun Reflects on Melting Ice Only Rarely

The Weather Changes Quickly.

Sun melting ice.

Reflects a view to come that’s warmer and nice.

On day’s like this a foot thinks twice.

Melting through feet break its vice.

Ice solid when cold.

Only breaks upon a fold?

Rarely miss the glare when told!

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Cardinal Coexist With Blackbird:

Cardinal Coexist With Blackbird:

Cardinal bird with poking beek.

Coexist with others that seed seek.

With little color that will allow it to hide.

Blackbird never would peck its side.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy












Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

The Man That Time Forgot

The Man That Time Forgot
What you knew it mattered not.
For the man that time forgot.
Left for dead with vacant head.
Pushed down hill upon a sled.
The Man That Time Forgot.
Copyright 2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Fields of Sunflowers glistening in their namesake sun.

That’s how you used to see them on the farm in the commercial.

The cornucopia of seeds centered in the yellow petals.

Try and grow them from seed and they get four to six feet tall and the squirrel say’s they’re his.

Used to be my father’s favorite snack. The wet hulls left in a coffee cup. He would share them with me as a boy.

Bringing them home from school from a place that sounded like me moes.

Sunflower oil seem to be one of the lighter weights of cooking oils, today the snacky seeds are mostly hulled and in bigger bags.

I find them too hard to grow, and sometimes bring them home to share with my dad from a place that sounds like men yards.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

The Red Winged Blackbird

The Red Winged Blackbird

The Red Winged Blackbird is the bird I remembered as a child.

Two colors on the badge of its wing, yellow and red.

He would make his distinctive call and I would imitate.

He and I were friends, that Red Winged Blackbird.

Haven’t seen one around for decades.

Wonder if they will return and what will be happening when they do.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy


Planted initially for a cold remedy, in defiance of others whose prospects said to be better for the space, the Echinacea grew.

The flower bloomed with pink petal and a spiky seed center.

When it came time to make tea, I never did.

As the season changed and the garden dried, the Gold Finch appeared and the seed was a marveled meal.

The Sleeping Cat

The Sleeping Cat

I couldn’t stop watching the cat sleep.

Because it was relaxing for me to do so.

The easy breaths.

The lungs, the length of its body, bellowing.

The lack of worries.

A little twitch of the whiskers.

Soon the legs tremor and you wonder what she is chasing.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

My First Plants

My First Plants

A green thumb I would be, I decided on a dreary winter day.

In the trough I put the richest and most fertile dirt.

I read the planting instructions and followed them to the letter.

Fennel, Hyssop, Thyme and Oregano.

In anticipation of a sprout I sprinkled water on them every day, and patiently watched over them.

Almost losing hope, finally a sprout appeared.

Though not at the same rate the plants grew to fruition.

As the weather hinted at autumn, I was left with a dilemma, not wanting to harvest and eat what took so long to grow.

Okay they weren’t my first plants, they never came up.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Murphy

Fishing With Larry

Uncle Larry was the exact opposite of my father, who by the way can’t swim.

As a matter of discourse my father would say, “You’re so much like my brother.”

Who would often arrive unannounced in an airstream and buy Leinekugals by the case because he couldn’t get it in Boston.

So there I sat in a boat up North with my drill sergeant Uncle.

He had a foul proof fishing method he stated. Sprinkle fish food the kind you would place in the aquarium to feed your goldfish and wait until they came.

I could have been standing on the shore and known this was a bad method.

Our Uncle’s can teach us things our fathers can’t.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

The Frogs

The Frogs

Frogs, when I see one I stare intently.

To see what colors it has.

What its spots look like?

Would it give me warts if I grabbed it?

What do the ends of its toes look like?

Will I see its gullet bellow?

It looks like it has good food in that gullet.

What’s a frog’s chin called anyway?

How long can I look at it before in one bound and then another, the chase becomes futile and it is gone.

Thomas Murphy

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poems and Songs Added 03 10 2010

Poetic Justice

“Pale white, Pale White.”
“That’s what you get for your kind of fight.”
“I’ll prove it to you with a thousand words.”
“I’ve watched you graze in goat eyed herds.”

Thomas Murphy 01 02 2010

Curry Casino Gambling

“Come on, come one, come all.”
“Lets pay a Hindu.”
“You never get rid of it.”
“It’s all coming back to you.”
“And all of this because.”
“You failed to pay a Hindu.”
“You failed to pay a Hindu.”

11/21/2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

A Stolen Gift Given

“They loved you so much, they gave you me.”
“Something they knew you could never be.”
“They loved you so much, they gave you me.”
“Something they knew, you could never have.”

Copyright 12/27/2009 Thomas Paul Murphy


“If you think the Lord don’t know what you’ve done.”
“And you’ve had your evil wicked fun.”
“Gods hammer will come down.”
“And give you a shoe of clown.”
“Because you’re the type of people I just don’t want around.”

Copyright 12/28/2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

The Wizards Curse

“Don’t you do that baby.”
“Don’t you do that now.”
“Don’t you do that baby.”
“Or I’ll make you a big fat cow.”

Copyright 08/18/2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

Evil Farmers Wife

“They tried to give me the money shaker.”
“I turned it back on them and broker their money maker.”
“Their maker its broken now.”
“Oh Lord, someone milk the cow.”
“Able son won’t you love the sow.”

Copyright 09/14/2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wrongly Accused

“I hear the ill of me you speak.”
“Let me tell you a story of the ill of the week.”
“And the soul that they seek.”
“Why is it me, the one you have forsaken.”
“Do you not know that I would never take.”

Copyright 2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

The Pleading One

“I like you should.”
“I like you should.”
“I knew you could.”
“And I wish you would.”

Copyright 09/01/2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

Love at First Sight

“May my love for you never shy.”
“As I lose myself in the gaze of your eye.”

Copyright 2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

Camping Swingers

“She was in, in an Italian tent.”
“In an Italian tent.”
“Lord where is Harry Dent.”
“To rescue her from Hell sent.”

Copyright 2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

Terminal Lung Cancer

“Barney Black Lung Fix.”
“Why do you keep smoking that sticks?”
“Was it due to your wife?”
“That will end your life.”

Copyright 09/16/2009 Thomas Paul Murphy


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