Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poems and Songs Added 03 10 2010

Poetic Justice

“Pale white, Pale White.”
“That’s what you get for your kind of fight.”
“I’ll prove it to you with a thousand words.”
“I’ve watched you graze in goat eyed herds.”

Thomas Murphy 01 02 2010

Curry Casino Gambling

“Come on, come one, come all.”
“Lets pay a Hindu.”
“You never get rid of it.”
“It’s all coming back to you.”
“And all of this because.”
“You failed to pay a Hindu.”
“You failed to pay a Hindu.”

11/21/2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

A Stolen Gift Given

“They loved you so much, they gave you me.”
“Something they knew you could never be.”
“They loved you so much, they gave you me.”
“Something they knew, you could never have.”

Copyright 12/27/2009 Thomas Paul Murphy


“If you think the Lord don’t know what you’ve done.”
“And you’ve had your evil wicked fun.”
“Gods hammer will come down.”
“And give you a shoe of clown.”
“Because you’re the type of people I just don’t want around.”

Copyright 12/28/2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

The Wizards Curse

“Don’t you do that baby.”
“Don’t you do that now.”
“Don’t you do that baby.”
“Or I’ll make you a big fat cow.”

Copyright 08/18/2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

Evil Farmers Wife

“They tried to give me the money shaker.”
“I turned it back on them and broker their money maker.”
“Their maker its broken now.”
“Oh Lord, someone milk the cow.”
“Able son won’t you love the sow.”

Copyright 09/14/2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wrongly Accused

“I hear the ill of me you speak.”
“Let me tell you a story of the ill of the week.”
“And the soul that they seek.”
“Why is it me, the one you have forsaken.”
“Do you not know that I would never take.”

Copyright 2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

The Pleading One

“I like you should.”
“I like you should.”
“I knew you could.”
“And I wish you would.”

Copyright 09/01/2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

Love at First Sight

“May my love for you never shy.”
“As I lose myself in the gaze of your eye.”

Copyright 2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

Camping Swingers

“She was in, in an Italian tent.”
“In an Italian tent.”
“Lord where is Harry Dent.”
“To rescue her from Hell sent.”

Copyright 2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

Terminal Lung Cancer

“Barney Black Lung Fix.”
“Why do you keep smoking that sticks?”
“Was it due to your wife?”
“That will end your life.”

Copyright 09/16/2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

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