Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Deer Does Not Name the Berries 07 06 2010

The Deer Does Not Name the Berries 07 06 2010


Berries in the forest

I know which ones are good to eat

They are like a treasure found

As is meeting a friend of the forest


Some stops in the woods smell clean

Some places rotten smells lurk

Sometimes I smell and my ears perk up

Then I know which way to go


As I then approach

Bounding away sounds are heard


Brown fur then bounces up and down and away

Did my forest friends lead me to them?

Hoofs trod louder as rocks are trampled


As one follows the deer path

We see what the deer sees


The paths often wind upward on ridges

Through arrays of pines and birch

Then slope down near water


The heat of exertion is sometimes met by patches of cold fresh forest air

Providing renewed vigor to the journey leg back


The deer does not name the berries

Does it shop for favorites in its forest?

And know what will be on distant shelves today?


Smell, sight, taste

Memory of being shown what to eat

When it was young


Thomas Paul Murphy


Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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